Sunday, October 23, 2016

A very long hiatus

It might be a little late to announce I'm taking a break from shoe-designing/painting/drawing. I'm actually working on a new art project, and that's embroidery! I'm not really sure if I'll ever revive my shoe project.... we'll see if the shoe-bug comes back XD.

I had loads of fun with the shoes and I'm very thankful to all  who encouraged me in this project - with generous kind words and/or purchases :) I hope you guys enjoyed the shoes too! :)


Psst... some of my embroidery designs are actually inspired by my shoe designs :D (Floral foliage is one of them - can you find the shoe inspiration?)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

THREE (7, 8, 8)

Introducing the three new pairs up for grabs! All in bright neon colours!

Pair 1 - Size 7 (24cm x 8cm)
Fun neon circles overlap on this pair. Painted such that it looks like colour-pencil work :)

Pair 2 - Size 8 (24.5cm x 8.1cm)
Jazz up your outfit with this blue, pink and yellow maze-like patterned shoes! Bold, bright and beautiful :D

Pair 3 - Size 8 (24.5cm x 8.1cm)
Both sides adorned with arrow-like pink and blues, but each side has a colour bias. One side is blue-heavy, while the other is pink-heavy :) A quirky and fun pair!

Each pair is going for SGD32 \(^-^)/

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Pop Up Store

Yesterday was a fun time at the Christmas Pop Up Store @ 3rd Space, China Square :) My sincere thanks to those who popped by to buy a pair (or two!). Special thanks to friends (and friends of friends) who made the trip - Deborah, Raj, Jin Cheng, Hong Lee, Vinod, Neeyor, Sid, and my sister Lydia ^-^. Special mention goes to Joyce who sat with me those 7 hours being bored and tolerating the initial lack of music (lol!).

Sales were slow (Argh, shoes are seriously a problem! But somehow one of the most appealing mediums to work with :() but it was all good fun with fun chats with neighbouring stall owners Grace and Cynthia :).

The three new pairs I made remains (T-T) and I will post up photos of them shortly! If anything tickles your fancy, the price of SGD32/pair remains till the end of 2012! After which, it will go back to SGD 34/pair.

Thanks for the kind words and support! Yesterday, I had a "first" experience - where a customer told me to keep the change :O. I was so dumbfounded, I'm wondering if I even reacted appropriately. To that customer (if you are reading!) thank you very much for the kind words and your enthusiasm for my art work ^-^ It was really encouraging. There was also one petite customer who exclaimed excitedly over my shoes - a lawyer! It was really heartwarming and good cheer to break the occasional solemn (and slightly bleak-feeling) atmosphere!

Much laughs were provided by Grace with her enthusiastic marketing of her stall products and the man behind the eye-catching booth 'The Man with ALL the answers'.

Apologies for this rather incoherent post, I'm still a lil groggy from everything :P.. and once again, a big huge THANK YOU to all who supported my little venture.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hi guys!

Christmas is coming and I will be setting up stall to sell the existing stock that you see here on this website! :) To make things a lil bit more exciting, I did up another THREE designs - all neon themed ;)
So do pop by and say "Hi"! Details in the image below. *Click to enlarge*

Pssttt... Cos Christmas is a time of giving, all shoes will be sold at a discounted price of $32/pair! ^-^ Merry Christmas!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's all up! \(^-^)/


Do browse through to see if anything tickles your fancy :) and drop me a line if something does.

All shoes are priced at SGD 34 a pair and the collection point is Bus Stop 10099 (Opposite Bt Merah Town Centre). Buses that stop at this Bus Stop: 14, 147, 196, 197, 855, 961.

(Click to enlarge, Bus Stop 10099 is labelled with pointy red pin A.)

Thanks everyone for your support, kind words and the fun time at the MAAD bazaar :D It was my first time setting up a stall on my own (I had a "mini" section of a shared booth a while back at a charity bazaar) and it was an honestly a slightly nerve-wrecking (I have nervous feet.) and exhilirating experience. Touched by the many friends who popped by to provide me with conversation and sales throughout the night and by the 'strangers' who were so generous with compliments and willing to share laughs! :)

My "finale" post - *click*

Thanks guys! It has been a good run :)

-Lisa ^-^

[MAAD] Size 9 - (3 of 3)

Size 9 (25 cm x 8.3 cm)

Design code: Komeyk
(Also available in Size 5, 6, and 7)
Description: This design is a personal favourite and I'm currently wearing a pair from this design theme (though I probably have to replace it soon :P been wearing it for years :P). Each pair is distinctively different.

Letting go for SGD34 (self-collect @Redhill area)

If interested, please email me at

Lisa :)
*Please note I am not taking customised orders. Thanks!

[MAAD] Size 9 - (2 of 3)

Size 9 (25 cm x 8.3 cm)

Design code: Shoeface
(Also available in Size 5 and 8)
Description: I adored making the shoes in this series. Peculiar, weird and colourful.

Letting go for SGD34 (self-collect @Redhill area)

If interested, please email me at

Lisa :)
*Please note I am not taking customised orders. Thanks!